A is for “Anytime. anyplace, or anything” a great way to begin our ABC adventures.



One of our first adventures was to explore the town of Alden, MI.  You can read about it here.

Each state has its own list of cities and towns.  Every location offers its own unique flare.   Find out what to do there, then set your course for a new adventure.  If you live in Michigan, like we do,  you could also visit Acme, Adrian, Albion, Algonac, Allendale, Allen Park, Alma, Alpena,  Ann Arbor, Arcadia or Auburn Hills to begin  your alphabet journey.

ABC Adventures

Alan and I have always lived very purposefully.  We have been married a long time and wanted to put a little fun back in our routines.  We decided to call these our ABC Adventures.  Over the years they have grown and now we travel and play by turning to the alphabet first.

What exactly is an ABC Adventure?  It is the art of letting the alphabet decide what your next move is going to be.  It is part Scavenger Hunt, part word play, part travel guide and part bucket list.    They are always fun.

Planning an adventure around the letters of the alphabet will force you to be more creative.  The letters can be used equally for creating a travel itinerary, or for planning a family reunion.  We have held birthday celebrations and Christmas explorations using the alphabet.  They may be played individually, as couples, or within a group.  There is no age limit to the participants.

ABC Adventures are virtually limitless and can be done one letter at a time, over a long period of time or do an entire alphabet in a single day…you set the rules.

In a nutshell you choose a letter, then choose a word which represents that letter.  Words can be single or phrases, they may represent something tangible such as the name of a location, or they may be more abstract, such as a color or emotion.  Once you have chosen your letter and thought up a word,  think up an activity,  place to visit, or emotion which represents that letter/word.

Ask how you capture this memory with photography.  Your words can be used to enhance your description of your activity or use them to stand alone with your image.

Choose another letter and start again.  Can you complete the entire alphabet?

Make it a little more fun and make up a set of letters.  We keep ours in our car so that we are ready for an adventure everywhere we go.

The letters are great conversation starters.  We are often asked what we are up to as we stand in front of a location with our chosen letter.  As we explain how we are exploring the world, others want to play their own version.

This is why we created ABC Explorers.   We use our letters to see the world, to build our relationships and to celebrate life.   As we share our adventures with you, we invite you to join us in our quest for leading a more purposeful life.