“A” is for Ambience and Other Great A Words


"The Minack", one of our favorite ampitheaters.

“The Minack”, one of our favorite ampitheaters.

When designing your ABC adventure, pay attention to the ambience, or mood you are creating.  Consider a unique setting for your adventure.  Have you ever attended  a performance in an outdoor ampitheater?  (You can read about our favorite one here. ) Perhaps in a location like this, someone will be singing acappella, playing an accordian, or an autoharp.  They might be accompanying on an acoustic guitar.   Or maybe actors and actresses will be showing their ability to perform upon a simple stage, or perhaps an ad lib comedy show has come to town.  Whatever ambience you create on your personal ABC adventure, be sure to document it in your writing.

ABC Words

At the beginning of each New Year our family members each choose a word to represent their goals for that year.

Words can be powerful.  They can force you to see things in a whole new way.

When words are used in an ABC adventure, they work the same way.

They provide structure or set the tone.

In this series we will explore some of our favorite words