“B” Is For Balcony-Cruising

B is For Balcony

On our first cruise, in 1994, we had an interior room.  At the time, we didn’t know any better and we couldn’t afford more.  Like many first time cruisers, we started and ended our day with activities, using our room for little more than falling into bed, exhausted.  This is the number one reason we hear for not upgrading the room and if you have nothing to compare it to, then price alone can be a compelling argument.  After twenty years of cruising, and a few lessons, we have come to understand the difference that this little extension of the room makes.

Copy (1) ofDSC_0899I remember the first time we had a balcony, there were things to learn.  Lulled by the soft breeze and setting sun, we fell asleep with the curtains open.  Forgetting that it is a continually changing landscape outside that window,  we woke the next morning in port,  docked next to another ship, looking directly onto their balcony rooms…and they into ours!    Still, that ever changing, floor to ceiling view is just one of several reasons to have a balcony room.  This is especially true when cruising very scenic locations such as Alaska.  While most passengers are on deck fighting for that perfect picture of the glaciers, you can simply return to your room and enjoy the passing scenery in quiet serenity.

Speaking of sleeping and waking up, this is another good reason to book a balcony room.  The natural light allows your body to stay in a normal sleep pattern.  This was especially important for us when we were crossing several different time zones.  Whether at home or on a trip, one of my first rituals of the morning is to open a window or step outside to greet the day. There is just something about the possibilities that each new day holds. On a cruise, in a balcony room,  I do not have to fix my hair or makeup, get showered or dressed for the day before breathing in that first morning air and deciding how to prepare for my adventures.


Air itself is another good reason to book a balcony room.  When you consider how enclosed and contained a cruise ship is, seeking those fresh air spaces becomes a luxury in its own right.  This is part of the reason that the deck space around the pool will always be the busiest.  Imagine having your own little piece of quiet space to retreat to for sunbathing, reading or resting.  Add in a bonus lunchtime picnic, breakfast or champagne dinner for two, delivered from room service and you may find yourself spending a lot of time in this space.






Alan and I have come a long way from that first activity filled cruise.  Our most memorable moments are the quiet ones we spend together on our balcony, our own little piece of heaven.  The ocean and surrounding land masses are alive with life.  Slowing down and lounging on our balcony has given us opportunities to see whales, dolphins, porpoises, bears, monkeys and crocodiles, all from our room.  We have also seen the oil rigs in Norway, an active volcano in the Caribbean and all varieties of ships passing on the horizon. My binoculars and camera are always nearby.  Treat yourself to the upgrade.  I will place money on it, you will never go back into the shadows of an interior room.