Document The Journey

“I am the author of my own life. As such, I can write my story in any direction I choose. Will it be a romance novel? Will it be a thriller? Will it be an action packed adventure? When all that remains is my legacy, then I hope these questions will be answered.  In the meantime…Let The Stories Begin!”

I have always known that words and photos have a powerful way of combining, to record the journey of our lives. That document, or script if you will,  eventually becomes our legacy.

Not everyone is a writer, but anyone can be.  Many people just don’t know “how” to begin telling their stories.  My goal has always been, to help people find their voice.

Documenting your journey ensures that future generations continue to understand who you were and how you spent your time while you were here.   It captures your personality and preserves the memories.

I invite you to challenge yourself to improve your storytelling through photography and the written word.  You matter!  I invite you to document your journey.

Document the Journey


There are numerous tips to improve your writing skills and add variety to your stories. Look for this symbol scattered throughout the blog.  You can also follow the Journalers Journey series for a series of daily missions meant to add variety to your journaling.






There are numerous tips to improve your photo documentation.  Look for this symbol scattered throughout the blog.