“B” is for “Brown Bear, Black Bear, Big Bear and Babies”-Alaska

             Brown Bear, Black Bear, Big Bear and Babies

Copy (1) ofDSC_0779While on our vacation in Alaska, I didn’t expect to see the bears. All the reading that I had done said that the bears usually don’t appear until July and August, when the salmon begin to run.  It was early June when we saw the first bear, a Grizzly or brown bear.  They are actually one and the same. She appeared on our first day in Alaska, during a flight seeing tour of the Misty Fjord.  She was large, weighing in around 300 pounds. She had three cubs, which is somewhat unusual for this species.  Although they have been noted to birth as many as six, it is most common that they will have just two cubs at a time. The cubs seemed a good size, so I think they were about a year old.

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A is for Animals


"A" is for Ape

“A” is for Ape

Animals make it easy to create and A themed adventure.  How about going to a zoo to locate alligators, alpacas, anacondas, antelope, amphibians and apes?   Or perhaps a visit to an aquarium or aviary would be more unique.   An adventure can be as simple as observing ants.  Wherever you choose, there are many animals to discover on this great journey into the letter A.