“X” is For Xenomania-ABC Words

X is often one of my more difficult letters to represent when we are designing an ABC Adventure.  I was so excited when I realized there are over 400 “X” words to explore!  I was even more excited to find the word “Xenomania” as one of them.

Xenomania is found in the Urban dictionary.  It is defined as “a passion for all things foreign and the customs associated.”  This seemed really fitting to begin a new year.

Since our mission for this year is to stretch ourselves, we will soon be setting out on our Pacific Island Adventure.

We also needed an “X”, to represent our purpose.

Travel opens our minds to the differences between people. What better way for us to discover the Southern Hemisphere than to allow ourselves a full immersion in cultures and customs!  We are excited to share the journey with you.   In the coming days we will be exploring new foods, seeing new sights and fully embracing all things foreign.  We plan to become “Xenomaniacs”!   Tomorrow I will share the Bucket List of goals we have created for this trip.

X is for Xing

Because the ABC game is part Scavenger Hunt, we make up our own rules as we go along.  On our ABC Adventure to Grayling, Gaylord and Petoskey, we were nearing the completion of our alphabet.  As usual, we didn’t have an X.  We racked our brains for the X words we knew.  Often we resort to using the X in words like eXcite or eXcellent.  Today, in the pouring rain, we saw a sign, which matched our letter.

An ABC Adventure doesn’t have to be difficult, our only rules (for ourselves) are to have fun, to discover and to explore the world purposefully.

As I watched my husband get drenched to get this photo, I was having fun.  It makes me laugh to think of the antics we get up to.

I “discovered” we were under surveillance because there was a security camera on the caboose parked alongside this railroad crossing.  I wonder if it left them scratching their heads to observe us.

I had found the caboose, now turned restaurant, in my online study of the area. We were trying to purposefully explore, but sadly the restaurant had been closed.

All was not lost though, we decided to eXclaim that we were declaring this our “X”.  Thus Xing it off our list!