Welcome To ABC Explorers

Welcome to ABC Explorers, a place to live and document your story, one letter at a time.

On this site, we discuss travel, writing, photography and relationships.   In everything we do, we strive to live purposefully, live bigger and create stories worth talking about.

We explore each topic using the ABC’s as a guide…we call these adventures.

Our own adventures began when we decided to visit the cities, in our home state of Michigan.  We did this in alphabetical order, which gave us a structure to follow.

Soon we were using our new found creativity to organize our date nights.  We explored restaurants, discovered new places and sought new things to do, all by following the ABC’s.

We then went on to create a Christmas adventure for our family and a cruise ship scavenger hunt.

Viewing the world through the alphabet has now become so ingrained that we automatically plan our activities this way.  We have since been writing adventure packets for each of our vacations and for the travels of others.

Our ABC adventures have also improved our language skills as we explore new words to define our activities and antics.  Besides building our relationships, we realized that what we are really just trying to capture our stories and live purposefully. We are now having so much fun, we want others to join us in our quest for discovery, so welcome Explorer, we are glad you are here. If you are still curious about who we are, you can discover more here.  Come on over to the blog to read about all of our adventures.

Deb and Alan