We write about a lot of topics  including;  our travels, how to improve your writing/photography and relationships. We offer a lot of resources, tips and tricks.  We develop ABC Lists for you to create your own adventures.

The blog is one long reel of all the articles we post and can seem disjointed as a result.  There are a number of ways to navigate the blog.


The categories section allows you to filter by theme.  It is a powerful tool to assist you in narrowing down the articles.   Below are the many categories we use:

  • ABC Adventures will filter to share all of our adventures.  This is the most active category.
  • ABC’s Around the World will categorize the blog by continent and country.
  • ABC’s Across USA covers each state.  The states may be further divided by cities.
  • ABC’s of Relationships is full of ways to include more depth in any relationship.  The category is divided into “Celebrations” which includes holidays, birthdays etc and “Date Nights”.
  • ABC Air Travel offers topics specific to air travel.  This category is full of tips, tricks and resources.
  • ABC Cruising offers topics specific to cruise travel, including ship reviews and ABC Adventures around the ships.  It is also full of tips, tricks and resources.
  • ABC Guides will give you resources for each area we explore, saving you precious research time.
  • ABC Lists offer a word list ideas for each letter of the alphabet.  You will also find ABC lists done by theme.  These are great lists to have when you are trying to set up any adventure.
  • Journalers Journey is a daily challenge to assist you with improving your written work.


In addition to categories, each post is tagged with words which may quickly help you locate a topic.  Use the search key (marked with a mini magnifying glass) to look for tags relevant to the topic you are seeking.  You can even filter by letter.